SonicCloud Launches First-Ever App To Make Phone Calls Crystal Clear For People With Moderate To Profound Hearing Loss

Company Raises $4M Angel Round To Make Hearing Technology Accessible, Starting With The Phone Call October 12, 2017 — SonicCloud today announced it is launching with over $4M from seed investors including Ian Hogarth (cofounder of SongKick), Bob Bozeman (530 … Read More

Party Survival 101

Parties. Events. When you have hearing loss, you know the deal: Can’t go to ‘em (because they’re too loud), can’t miss ‘em (need to constantly network for work). What to do? Let me back up. I happen to work in … Read More

Could You have Hidden Hearing Loss

Hidden hearing loss is devilishly sneaky. Those who have it may not even know it. The condition eludes common hearing tests, reassuring the individual that his or her ears are functioning just fine…until the deficit pops up at the most … Read More

Could You Have Hearing Loss? 5 Signs

Let’s face it, being on a conference call isn’t usually the most exciting way to spend an hour, or, lord help us, two. Twenty minutes into a call, my mind will start wandering to chores I need to do, places … Read More

Do You HEAR Me?

In today’s world of email and texting, it’s easy to forget that hearing another person’s voice is one of the most elemental and important forms of connection that we have. Did you know that most of us have been hearing … Read More

Solutions for Soldiers’ #1 Health Issue: Hearing Loss

You know a disabled veteran when you see one, right? He or she may walk with the help of a below-the-knee prosthetic, or bear visible scars from burns or other battlefield trauma. But the only way to detect the single … Read More

The Better-Listening Tool Hiding in Your Pocket

Not all of us are natural-born earbud fans. It’s easy to lose umpteen hours sorting out the L from the R sides. They can come tumbling out of position with any quick head movement. And they wind up looking like … Read More

Etiquette 101: When a Loved One Has Hearing Loss

My great uncle was a lovely man — a lawyer who was known for sticking up for the underdog, even when it was at his own expense. He also had severe hearing loss in his old age, and his grandson, … Read More

Your High-Tech Health: Check out these amazing ways science is about to make us super-human

Our natural-born bodies have a way of getting banged up by daily life, or having glitches that keep us from doing everything we want to. Medical science has been able to swoop in with amazing bionic fixes like knee replacements, … Read More

Ear Jam: A Music-Lover’s Guide to Hearing Loss

I once had the privilege of staying in the absurdly posh Beverly Hills Hotel, hidden among the live oaks and fragrant eucalyptus and lemon trees in the famous Los Angeles neighborhood. Seeking a restaurant recommendation from the concierge, I walked … Read More

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