SonicCloud’s app brings clarity and
    crispness to every call…based on
    the way you hear.




Personalized Listening

Your phone is a terrific computer but
listening on it can be 
a challenge. No longer.
SonicCloud’s groundbreaking technology
captures your unique Hearing Fingerprint and
personalizes each and every sound to the way
you hear.

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Who is it for?

Everyone who needs to hear with more clarity and
definition, which is most of us, especially those with
some hearing challenges. They could be profound,
or you might have sat too close to the speakers at
one of those Metallica concerts.
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Each Ear. Each Call. Each Place.

Based on your Hearing Fingerprint, our
system breaks 
each call down to its
smallest parts, optimizes it, and 
it back together. Each ear then gets a
sonic signal. Each call is
different, too – children’s 
voices and
foreign accents need special
calibration. So 
do noisy restaurants
and windy streets.

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In the Moment

You can also fine tune any call while
you’re on it 
for even higher levels of
clarity. Having trouble hearing a
friend’s voice? Simply adjust the
hearing curve to create an optimal
phone conversation experience.  

Designed for Everyone

Whether you’re walking down the street, in a deafening restaurant, in the back
of an Uber, subjected to airport announcements, struggling to hear one of
those quiet talkers, or have some form of hearing loss, you’ll always be
able to experience a crystal clear phone conversation with SonicCloud.

Noisy Locations




Peoples’ Voices





    Hearing Loss




Features of SonicCloud

Crystal clear phone conversation experience for noisy environments and people with hearing loss.

Crystal Clear Calls

SonicCloud delivers crystal clear phone conversations for people in noisy environments.

Fully Customizable

With SonicCloud you can fully customize the sound experience based on how you hear.

Personalized Hearing Profiles

Easily create customized hearing profiles for specific environments or that hard to understand friend or family member.


Unlimited VOIP Calls

With SonicCloud you can make unlimited voice over IP calls.

Revolutionary Hearing Fingerprint

SonicCloud learns about your hearing and creates a personalized hearing fingerprint, which is unparalleled in its accuracy.

Hearing Loss

SonicCloud dramatically improves the phone call experience for people with hearing loss.


“SonicCloud is a game changer. It provides
unparalleled user controls capable of enhancing
sound for people with mild to severe hearing loss
as well as those without hearing loss who can
benefit from enhanced audibility in difficult
listening situations. The hearing fingerprint
assessment is user friendly and engaging
providing customizable quality to fit the
listener’s unique needs. If you have difficulty
hearing on your smart phone, try the
SonicCloud solution.”



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